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Jakarta Real Time Traffic Monitor base on CCTV

Jakarta Real Time Traffic Monitor base on CCTV

Do you know Jakarta has Real Time Traffic Monitor?
Since Jakarta citizens need more real time traffic information, some media trying to provide more up to date traffic information. Not only television like Metro TV news and TV one or other news channel, but also radio have special channel to report traffic information such as Elshinta Radio at early work day in the morning and in the afternoon. People need to know where the best roads to choose in order to avoid traffic jam or to find the ways for bypass. As you know, now day Jakarta has traffic jam for almost roads due to significant vehicle growth during last decade.

Especially for now day, Indonesia will have 2009 People Election for House of Representatives in April 9, 2009 and Presidential And Vice Presidential Elections in July (first round) and September (final round). You don't want to stuck in campaign traffic jams, don't you?

Realized their real time traffic information are very critical for Jakarta citizens, then local governance of Jakarta decide to provide a real time traffic monitor through CCTV at most of intersections, business areas, and trade centers.

People can access this information through internet connections (by internet supported phone, mobile internet connection supported laptop, and PC in their office or other spot that has internet connection/hotspot).

Unfortunately, some citizens still didn't know to access this information through internet. So, in this blog I'll provide information needed to access them. You may access real time traffic monitor through CCTV below of this post.

Before you go to that access, I will explain how to use them :
First, you should have a flash player (such as adobe flash player 9) support in your browser. If you are using Microsoft Windows Vista or Microsoft Windows XP service pack 2, than your browser are ready to use to streamming real time traffic. But, if you using Windows Mobile 5 or 6 or other PC Operating System, then you need to download the flash player support first. You may search here :

After you have flash player support, ther you can streamming real time traffic monitor. This is the steps :
1. After go to the website, you will find like this :

Larger Image

2. First you should choose the district, the options are : Jakarta Timur (east Jakarta), Jakarta Pusat (central Jakarta), Jakarta Selatan (South Jakarta), Jakarta Barat (west Jakarta), and Jakarta Utara (North Jakarta).

Larger Image

3. After choosing the district, now you can choose what CCTV point you want to view. Remember, not maybe not all CCTV is on when you want to view. CCTV status indicated at the end of every CCTV point, identificated by (ON) or (OFF).

Larger Image

4. After choose the CCTV point, there's two method how you want to view the CCTV. They are STILL (for manual refresh) and AUTO REFRESH. If you choose auto refresh, the CCTV will auto refresh every 30 seconds.

Larger Image

Oke, that's all...happy streaming :)
Just Click the picture below to start :


John said...

Good move to control traffic crisis. CCTV is now turning to be a good tool.
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Hunter said...

@ jhon : thanks for comment.. and CCTV in Chennai is a web services that sell CCTV products.

Pamela Wood said...

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Adam Scott said...

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elen said...

Hunter, hope you enjoy this blogging about CCTV Camera and CCTV Systems nice work, Really you done good job.

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