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How Google Adsense Detect Clicks by Codes

How Google Adsense Detect Clicks by Codes

After several months being a Google's Publisher from Google AdSense, now I want to write something about Google AdSense. Do you realized recently Google AdSense has new trick to identify valid click and store these clicks information with some code? So, every click has different ID and it store in google database. Base on these database, Google AdSense Team will examine every single data to make sure where's counted as valid click or fraud.

Recently, end of February I guess (I'm not really sure since when), Google detect click ID with some code that we can see... these the sample :






Look, we can see that Google Adsense add some code to detect these click with same pattern : &gclid=" some code "
It always same code..begin with " &gclid= "

With my experiment, google will count click if visitor explore more deep about click, and these will indicated by &gclid= code disappear.

So, if I a visitor and click a Google Adsense ads, as normally I'll go to the Advertiser Site. At the first, google code will detect click ID with &gclid= code. After I click link in from that first page (home), ex : click contact some product, then &gclid= will disappear. These click will counted by google.
But, If I don't click a link (to show how interest I'm), then that click will not counted!

Even your visitor click has been counted in your Earn Report, it still not a guarantee Google AdSense will pay you. They will examine again before the payment date. They need to sure that your visitor click is a valid click..(ex :come from a Search Engine, browse your page, then click google adsense ads). If they detect that click was a fraud, then they will not pay you.. The money will return back to the advertiser. Google doing these analysis steps by accessing their database base on "&gclid=" code.

This is an example uncounted click :

see? I think google will detect this click are fraud because it came from a publisher click..
The indication code are : &client=ca-pub-***************

So, if your visitor just click your google ads and not explore more deep to the advertiser site, google will not counted that click!
This is equitable for the advertiser, so their money spent to google adword will not futile.

As commented that you may find below this post, klivengood told me new information :

...I was kicked out from google ads but i never clicked my own ads...they said that my visitors who clicked my ads were the same place and it said, i also clicked ads who asked me to click their ads...

So keep in our mind :

Be aware of all words offering (you may find examples : ) your visitor to click your Google Adsense.

Well, that's my experience..maybe you could "ameliorate" or verify... don't forget to put your comment below.
Thank you..


Macmi said...

Thanks for the info..Very helpful for me..

Pheak said...

This is really helpful. Maybe next time, I'll need to explore deeper in the ads. Thanks for such useful information.

gdpermana said...

Nice info...

saya harus ngerti nih blog saya yang ini full G.A hehe..

klivengood said...

good job...i was kicked out from google ads but i never clicked my own ads...they said that my visitors who clicked my ads were the same place and it said, i also clicked ads who asked me to click their ads. Googles knows already about ki$$, $mile$, Uncle Addy be aware of all these words too...

Hunter said...

for Macmi and Pheak..thanks for comment, it's precious for my blog..

@ Gdpermana : thanks's oke to republish this post at your blog:)

@ Klivengood : thanks..your comment very helfull. and i add your comment to this post:)

Abd Essamad said...

Thank you :-)

AdSense may be one of the fastest and easiest ways to monetize traffic to your web site whether you have products or services for sale or you simply provide free content to your visitors.

Simply stated, Google AdSense enables website operators to place some code on their site that connects to Google’s ad server content database and pulls keyword-relevant advertising onto the web pages. The webmaster gets paid a percentage of the fee that Google receives from the advertiser every time a visitor clicks on an ad. There is no charge for the webmaster to participate in AdSense. All costs are covered by the advertiser who participates in the AdSense sister program called AdWords.

Google’s sends out digital “robots” which use proprietary algorithms to parse the host web page and analyze the content in an effort to determine what keywords are relevant. It reports its findings back to Google’s ad server which then serves ads matching those keywords. Given that the entire process is automated, the “ad robots” do a pretty good job of getting the advertising content right most of the time.

The History of Google AdSense

Google AdSense has its roots in the old “Google Content-Targeted Advertising” program which they introduced back in March of 2003. Although this program was similar in concept to AdSense, there was no automated way of participating. Each webmaster negotiated a deal directly with Google, and websites that served less than 20 million page views per month were not welcome to participate.

As Google grew, they began to see how much money they were leaving on the table by excluding the smaller sites, which greatly outnumbered the sites serving over 20 million hits that were willing to serve other people’s ads. Their answer to that problem was AdSense which has no minimum traffic requirements and is open to all sites meeting Google’s content and decency requirements.

How much can you make running Google AdSense?

The answer to that question depends upon three factors:

1. How much traffic your site draws
2.How many visitors click on your ads
3.How much those ads pay per generated click

With some ads paying as much as $5 or more, it’s possible that you can generate a serious income with AdSense. There are relatively well documented cases of some people earning as much as $500 per DAY and more. Numbers like that are rare exceptions however. Even so, there is no reason why you can’t earn somewhere around $1,000 per month, or more, once you get the hang of it.

How to get started using Google AdSense

Make a visit to Google’s AdSense Site ( and sign up. Make sure that you read their Acceptable Use Policy and that you follow their content requirements. Google has their own “AdSense Police” who will have no problem booting you out of the program if you fail to walk the line.

Using Google AdSense on your site is like collecting free money. There’s no reason not to do it and potentially thousands of dollars worth of reasons to do it.


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madz said...

hu hu hu, but my adsense account was already disabled :(

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