Manipulation and Corruption

Corruption has become an issue of major political and economic significance in recent years and the necessity to take measures against it has become evident.

Explooring Manipulation ?...ask Mbah Ghus Taf..on the spot

How Google Adsense Detect Clicks by Codes

How Google Adsense Detect Clicks by Codes

After several months being a Google's Publisher from Google AdSense, now I want to write something about Google AdSense. Do you realized recently Google AdSense has new trick to identify valid click and store these clicks information with some code? So, every click has different ID and it store in google database. Base on these database, Google AdSense Team will examine every single data to make sure where's counted as valid click or fraud.

Recently, end of February I guess (I'm not really sure since when), Google detect click ID with some code that we can see... these the sample :






Look, we can see that Google Adsense add some code to detect these click with same pattern : &gclid=" some code "
It always same code..begin with " &gclid= "

With my experiment, google will count click if visitor explore more deep about click, and these will indicated by &gclid= code disappear.

So, if I a visitor and click a Google Adsense ads, as normally I'll go to the Advertiser Site. At the first, google code will detect click ID with &gclid= code. After I click link in from that first page (home), ex : click contact some product, then &gclid= will disappear. These click will counted by google.
But, If I don't click a link (to show how interest I'm), then that click will not counted!

Even your visitor click has been counted in your Earn Report, it still not a guarantee Google AdSense will pay you. They will examine again before the payment date. They need to sure that your visitor click is a valid click..(ex :come from a Search Engine, browse your page, then click google adsense ads). If they detect that click was a fraud, then they will not pay you.. The money will return back to the advertiser. Google doing these analysis steps by accessing their database base on "&gclid=" code.

This is an example uncounted click :

see? I think google will detect this click are fraud because it came from a publisher click..
The indication code are : &client=ca-pub-***************

So, if your visitor just click your google ads and not explore more deep to the advertiser site, google will not counted that click!
This is equitable for the advertiser, so their money spent to google adword will not futile.

As commented that you may find below this post, klivengood told me new information :

...I was kicked out from google ads but i never clicked my own ads...they said that my visitors who clicked my ads were the same place and it said, i also clicked ads who asked me to click their ads...

So keep in our mind :

Be aware of all words offering (you may find examples : ) your visitor to click your Google Adsense.

Well, that's my experience..maybe you could "ameliorate" or verify... don't forget to put your comment below.
Thank you..

Jakarta Real Time Traffic Monitor base on CCTV

Jakarta Real Time Traffic Monitor base on CCTV

Do you know Jakarta has Real Time Traffic Monitor?
Since Jakarta citizens need more real time traffic information, some media trying to provide more up to date traffic information. Not only television like Metro TV news and TV one or other news channel, but also radio have special channel to report traffic information such as Elshinta Radio at early work day in the morning and in the afternoon. People need to know where the best roads to choose in order to avoid traffic jam or to find the ways for bypass. As you know, now day Jakarta has traffic jam for almost roads due to significant vehicle growth during last decade.

Especially for now day, Indonesia will have 2009 People Election for House of Representatives in April 9, 2009 and Presidential And Vice Presidential Elections in July (first round) and September (final round). You don't want to stuck in campaign traffic jams, don't you?

Realized their real time traffic information are very critical for Jakarta citizens, then local governance of Jakarta decide to provide a real time traffic monitor through CCTV at most of intersections, business areas, and trade centers.

People can access this information through internet connections (by internet supported phone, mobile internet connection supported laptop, and PC in their office or other spot that has internet connection/hotspot).

Unfortunately, some citizens still didn't know to access this information through internet. So, in this blog I'll provide information needed to access them. You may access real time traffic monitor through CCTV below of this post.

Before you go to that access, I will explain how to use them :
First, you should have a flash player (such as adobe flash player 9) support in your browser. If you are using Microsoft Windows Vista or Microsoft Windows XP service pack 2, than your browser are ready to use to streamming real time traffic. But, if you using Windows Mobile 5 or 6 or other PC Operating System, then you need to download the flash player support first. You may search here :

After you have flash player support, ther you can streamming real time traffic monitor. This is the steps :
1. After go to the website, you will find like this :

Larger Image

2. First you should choose the district, the options are : Jakarta Timur (east Jakarta), Jakarta Pusat (central Jakarta), Jakarta Selatan (South Jakarta), Jakarta Barat (west Jakarta), and Jakarta Utara (North Jakarta).

Larger Image

3. After choosing the district, now you can choose what CCTV point you want to view. Remember, not maybe not all CCTV is on when you want to view. CCTV status indicated at the end of every CCTV point, identificated by (ON) or (OFF).

Larger Image

4. After choose the CCTV point, there's two method how you want to view the CCTV. They are STILL (for manual refresh) and AUTO REFRESH. If you choose auto refresh, the CCTV will auto refresh every 30 seconds.

Larger Image

Oke, that's all...happy streaming :)
Just Click the picture below to start :

Goodbye Geo Counter

I'm no longer using Geo Counter (geocompteur) widget

From today, I'm no longer using Geo Counter (geocompteur) widget from with their third site map on I love the widget view, but main reason I terminated using their service is they put advertises running by hidden script. It's annoying much...specially for my advertise on my own blog.

So, I CAN'T HARDLY WAIT TO DUMP from my blog.

At the first time, I'm so impressed by their widget attractive. And I realized they have policies that they will puts some ads in my blog. But, never know how often their pop up ads every time I and my friends or visitor load my blog. Until I count that their ads pop up in 2-3 ads windows for every single blog loading. Sometime their ads also appear inline of any word and crash my inline ads from adbrite or kontera which truly give me cash . I'm sure some of you still remember how disappointed when come to my blog in the past. I'm so sorry for that.

As you can read from, they have policies :


  1. Our widgets are offered free of charge.
  2. HTML code may not be modified by users.
  3. We offer no guarantees of uptime or reliability.
  4. In order to use our free services, you must include ALL of the html given when you sign up including the sponsored link. You may not alter the code. (exceptions may be made for minor formatting that does not hide the links)
  5. If you have any adult content, you must use the right HTML code.
  6. Some of the Products and Services are supported by advertising (Clicksor,CPX interactive(Yahoo),Linkshare,Gunggo...), enabling WIDGEO to provide them to you at no cost. When you use these free services, you agree to allow WIDGEO to display advertising, including third party advertising, through the Products and Services. WIDGEO reserves the right to modify the Products and Services from time to time, for any reason, and without notice, including the right to terminate the Products and Services or to change the nature, style, or form of advertisements displayed through the Products and Services.
  7. With the use of Widgeo products and services on the site it is accepted that WIDGEO has the right to place advertisements on the site in any format or through any channel, including but not limited to e-mail, layer ads, pops, banners and other usual formats without any forewarning and it is furthermore accepted that WIDGEO takes no responsibility for the advertising content and that WIDGEO shall not be liable for any losses incurred regarding this advertising.
  8. reserves the right to terminate this service at any time and offers no guarantees of uptime or accuracy.

And, not like other similar service, I can't see my traffic detail when I click that widget. So, it less useful for me. They only show traffic report on the widget in my blog. This traffic only for a single day and total visitor information. So, I can't get my yesterday traffic information by this service. This is the widget look in my blog a minutes before I dump it (March 18, 2009 GMT+7) :

Anyway still I want to thank you for your services until this day. Goodbye !! Now, as you see I had replace it with other counter service which I'll discuss in my next post : Online Traffic Counter and Statistic Service Provider

Travelling to Pulau Untung Jawa at Pulau Seribu (The Thousand Island)

Travelling to Pulau Untung Jawa at Pulau Seribu (The Thousand Island)

Have you visit an island where located at bunch of island? Well, if yes, you should check this out to compare. This is the ones of most place to visit before die. Enjoy your journey and holiday with minimum budget.

Indonesia have lot of most popular tourism destination like Bali Island, Toba Lake, Bandung, Bunaken, Pulau Seribu (The Thousand Island), and a lot more. Pulau Seribu are located at sea between Borneo (north side) and DKI Jakarta (south side). Pulau Seribu is perfect places to visit. Not only for recreation and sea sport (fishing, Beaches recreation, Scuba Diving, Sailing), but also for "survival". There are some island with no "inmate", just you..island and sea.

Located about 45 km north of Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, Pulau Seribu (also called Kepulauan Seribu) has a value conservation and unique ecosystem. With total about 1.180,80 hectares or 11.80 km square, 15.600 populations, Pulau Seribu Jakarta consist of 105 islands scattered at 4 districts. The main activities of resident of Kepulauan Seribu are fisherman. Some island at Pulau Seribu have become tourism destination such as Genteng Besar, Pulau Lipan, Pulau Macan,Pulau Melintang Besar, Pulau Perak, Pulau Putri Besar [Putri Island], Pulau Sebaru Besar. Some are still need development for tourism.

Travel to Pulau Seribu is easy to reach from Jakarta, especially from Ancol Dreamland. And the nearest island, Pulau Bidadari [Bidadari island] and Pulau Ayer[Ayer island] by speed boat it takes around 20minutes. Every day, from Marina Pier, or to Far Island (pulau Pantara [Pantara island], Pulau Kulkul Kotok [Kulkul Kotok island], Pulau Putri [Putri island], Pulau Sepa[Sepa island]) by speed boat it takes around 2 hours, due to for the efficiency of fuel of boat transportation.

Today every boat departure to Pulau Seribu have the minimum passanggers, please check to your travel agency about boat schedule to Pulau Seribu and cottage availablelity before you will travelling to pulau seribu jakarta.

In this moment, I'll introduce you a little beautification of Pulau Seribu.

Pulau Untung Jawa

Pulau Untung Jawa is one of bunch Pulau Seribu. You may reach the island from Marina Pier or from Tanjung Jawa (near Soekarno Hatta Airport). I suggest you to reach from tanjung jawa, because it's only take about 30 minutes to the island with a sailboat. From Marina Pier, you could spend 3-4 hours (even with a boat) depending to weather. To use sailboad, you need to pay about IDR 5,000 - 15,000 (about US$ 1). In this island, you may stay on homestay. I want you to keep in mind, this is not a hotel standard. It cost IDR 100,000 (US$8.33)/night for ingenuous - IDR 450.000 (US$37.5)/night with air conditioning facilities. Or, you could try a camping for free ones.

In this island, I and my familly stay for a couple days. This is small island with +/- 100 people. We could enjoy sea and beach panorama here by swimming, diving, circling, night fishing, or rent a sailboat.

If you rent a bicycle, then you could island-circling for 30 minutes only. Rent a bicycle cost IDR 5.000 (US$ 0,4) for one hour.

You could rent a sailboat from local citizen for travelling to near islands such as Pulau Rambut, Pulau Cipir/Khayangan, Pulau Bidadari, Pulau Onrus, and Pulau Kelor.

Pulau rambut
The bird homeland. This is ones of bird conservation island. Located near Pulau Untung Jawa, in this island we could see how bird perched on a branch from a 30 meter high tower station.

Pulau Cipir (also called as Pulau Khayangan)
In this island, we could see beautifull long beach. There no homestay and electrical, usually brave journer would stay here by camping and fishing for a view day. Very awesome and challengging!

Pulau Onrus
An island with lot of fortress. In this island we could see graves of the first founder, dutch soldier, and first family of the soldier. Indonesia used this island for hajj quarantine until 1970's. Hajj quarantine here before and after they went to Makkah from Jakarta. There was a hajj hospital here.

Pulau Bidadari
This is a well developed tourism place. There is a three star hotel with natural beach side. On this island, we could see a fortress that build by Dutch on +/- 1500 A.D.

Pulau Kelor
There is only one fortress here, nothing resident nor anchorage. I couldn't go there because of beachcomber. But, it is awesome to see this island from sailboat.

Well, for 3 day, you might be sent about IDR 4,000,000 (US$333.3)- IDR 6,000,000 (US$500) for 5 people. But, that's depend on your activities:)

Ok, that's my journey... so, what your journey will be? We wait your laugh here on Indonesia.

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